Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Monday, October 3, 2016

Desi's Secret Harper.

On Sunday morning, I went out to do chores. As I drew near the goat pen, I saw that Sonnet had somehow gotten out of the barn and was up with the big girls, right under Desi. At first, I thought, "How'd she get so dirty?" then, "That's an ugly kid!" because it was all wet, hunched and wobbly, then, "That's not Sonnet!" (You know how you can have several different thoughts in a split second?) I realized that Desi had had a kid! I turned to Mom, who was about 100 yards behind me and shouted, "I knew it! I KNEW IT!" Then, not wanting to spoil the surprise, I changed the subject, babble something about the cats, and walked away to the chicken house. 

Desi didn't kid this spring(even though she blood tested a positive pregnancy), so we bred her for a fall kidding. The blood test again said pregnant. As the time drew near however, she wasn't any bigger, didn't look pregnant, and was still refusing to dry up from her March 2015 kidding. Mom had the vet do an ultrasound on her two weeks ago, and she was open. So, Mom decided to start milking her every other day so that, along with the other does that are drying up, we'd have enough milk to feed Snowy and Sonnet. About the same time, I looked into the pasteurizer after Mom had pasteurized the milk, and it was quite yellow. "Who's milk is that?" I asked Mom. She said that it was Desi's, Ebony, and Emmy's. "Why is it so yellow?" She didn't know, and we knew Desi wasn't pregnant, so I forgot about it.

On Saturday, Mom was gone(Wedding dress shopping with Kaia, Alyssa, and Brittany) so I milked Desi, Emmy, Ebony, and Flicka in the morning. When I was finishing the rest of the chores,  I was watching Desi as she stood in the pen, and thinking, "Is it possible for an ultrasound to be wrong this far along?" I climbed the fence and felt her side for a kid, but it was softer than it had been in a long time. I studied her, thinking to myself, "No, I can't see how, and anyway, I milked her this morning-it wasn't yellow like colostrum." So I left, and thought no more of it. She had the kid less than 24 hours later. 

Her name is, as the title says, Desi's Secret Harper. A little doe that looks just like Lu did. I don't have a picture of her right now, so will get one in the next day or two. We have to get her DNA tested as Desi was bred to two different bucks. 

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