Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Monday, October 3, 2016

Fall 2016 Breeding Plan

First off, the vlogs have not been forgotten-I'm having trouble with the whole computer freezing up every time I try to use the editor.  

So, we currently have three does bred but none are confirmed pregnant.  First off we have two AI breedings, our first ever. We're taking reservations on kids as well-let me know if you have any questions or would like to place a reservation. 

Flicka is bred to Redwood Hills Jazz Rimrock. He is actually her grandpa, but I think it'll be a good cross. I originally planned on breeding her to Tempo Aquila Yukon Jack but after we AI'd Emmy, I got scared and decided to use a cheaper straw. Everything looked good on Flicka though, so Lord willing I'll have some nice black kids in the spring. 
Heading off on a rabbit trail here.... I told Kaia that I hope to get some black kids in the spring, and she called me racist, saying, "All kids matter!" (I should have pointed out that black is not a race) I told her, "Only black kids matter to me!" 'cause they are my favorite and I hope to get as close a replica to Flicka as possible. Okay, it probably doesn't sound very funny, but I thought it was at the time. ;) 

Click Here for the planned pedigree of the kids. I am keeping all the does (Okay, if she has four I suppose I might sell one.) and will keep a buck too if it's not reserved. 

Anyway, I'm hoping that this breeding will improve, over Flicka, the brisket, foreudders and teat placement on the resulting kids. 

Below is a picture of Flicka.


This is a picture of Rimrock's dam, Rima. 

Next is Emmy, bred to Redwood Hill's Ember Sierra. (As a fun fact, Sierra is Rimrock's grandpa) 

Click Here to see the planned pedigree. I think Mom is keeping a doe and selling the rest of the kids.

I'm hoping that these kids will be bigger and heavier than Emmy, with a better back, rump and shoulder assembly. 

I also hope that it will straighten the rear legs. See below how close together and turned in Emmy's hocks are? They should be further apart and straight.


This is Sierra himself. 

Next is Bunny Foo Foo, who will be bred to our buck Everest. I don't know what Mom plans on doing with the kids, though I assume she'll keep a doe and sell the rest. 
Click Here  for the planned pedigree. 

With this breeding, I'm looking to give the kids more length, height and refinement.

Her rear legs are also very close together and Everest looks like he'll fix that as well. 

 Marion has been bred to Everest. I plan to keep a doe kid and sell the rest. 
Click Here for the planned pedigree.

I'm hoping the kids' hind legs will be better than Marion's and if Marion is going to have an udder anything like her dam Mueslie, I hope those will be much improved by Everest as well. Marion has the worst rear legs of any goat on the farm. 


  Frankly, I'm still not sure who Skitz and Ebony are going to be bred to. They will be AI'd. 

Skitz needs to improved in her height and weight, brisket, rear legs and udder. Though she's dry right now, she looks like she has one of the worst udders of any doe on our farm. 
Sierra will probably be a good choice for her.

Ebony needs a better udder too, and a wider chest, but for now, that's really all I see about her. Well her feet, but then, all of our goats have bad feet.  

I'm thinking of breeding her to Tempo Aquila RR Living It Up, but I don't know. Click Here for a planned pedigree-if I go that route. 

Ebony is half mine and half Mom's so I don't know if we're keeping a kid or not. Depending on what I get from my other does, I may buy Mom's half of a doe kid and keep it for my own. 

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