Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Thursday, September 29, 2016


  Bonny had eight puppies yesterday. One had a cleft palate and died after a couple of hours. They are 3/4 Border Collie.

The tri color below is a boy.

 And so is this one-I have no clue what his color would be called.

 These two nice looking ones are boys....

 And these three are the girls.

   I think only two of the pups have full tails. Three have 1/2 tails like the one below, and the other two have 3/4 length tails.

  I thought I'd just share this one because the computer dragged it up from somewhere today. It is Duke and his siblings when they were about three weeks old.

 Pretty little Sonnet.


 Our new buck Everest, is a half brother of last year's National Champion. So far Emmy, Flicka and Marion are bred, though not all by Everest. Oh and in case I never said, our other buck Andy was sold back to his breeder about 2 months ago. 

 Kate, with her ears still deciding what they are gonna look like.

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