Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Monday, March 19, 2018

Goats, Birds, Pups, & Stockdog Clinic

 My posts have been getting super long-I really need to go back to posting shorter posts more frequently. 

Mr. Black looks terrible, so I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with him. I really think it's a mineral issue, but he has good minerals, so that doesn't really make sense. 

I traded Molly's buckling for our old buck, Sultan. He was the first buck we owned, and is so nice and gentle, and throws great kids. For various reasons we no longer have any of his daughters, so we hope to get a few next spring, before he dies. 

Veronica, Izzy's doeling.

Fauna, Simcoe's doeling.

Flora, Simcoe's other doeling. I plan to keep Flora-she is much tamer and calmer than her sister-and cuter. 😉


Marion's doeling, Dora. She is really nicely put together, and I plan on keeping her as well. 
Her brother is also extremely nice looking-unfortunately, I did a terrible job disbudding him, so it's very unlikely that anyone will want him as a breeding buck.


Aren't these puppies so cute? 

 Brittany and I butchered 10 roosters last week.

Mark has been working on this new chick brooder for me, and it got done just in time for the new chicks! 

I successfully hatched 12 ducklings and 9 chicks a couple weeks ago. I lost one chick, but everyone else is doing great!

Coastal had a really good deal on Lavender Orpington chicks, so I snatched up six of them. One died, and I think I have 3 roosters and 2 hens left. My friend, who is an employee at Coastal, told me that there is a rumor that they will be getting another batch of Lavenders, and is going to let me know if they do indeed come. (I may have to get some more.)

I had Mark put a wire floor in one end of it, because the ducklings always play in the water and flood the pen-plus, it also keeps the chicks from scratching shavings into the water. This is working great so far.

 I brought Jinger to her breeder's place for another training clinic. She was awesome, everyone loved her(both her working ability, and just who she was) and she loved everyone. Her breeder said a couple times about how good she was, and that she made him feel bad, because the littermate he kept isn't looking so good. I kinda just thought, whatever, you know, he's just being nice: I had a message from him the next day saying how Jinger's really going to be a rockstar, and that if I decide to breed her, I can breed her to any of his males. I've thought that Jinger is really good, but I don't know much about cow dogs-to get that from him, who has really great dogs and obviously knows what he's talking about, means a lot to me. 

I also realized how nice it can be to take a strong nerved dog somewhere and have fun with it. Jinger was so opposite Kate in almost every way: she enjoyed the ride in the vehicle on the way there, and loved all the other dogs-it was so hard with Kate last fall when I went to the clinic, because I always had to be aware of where she was, where other dogs were, etc. so that she wouldn't bite them. Jinger, I could walk her off leash, through all the dogs, she sat next to them, greeted them, etc. and it was just so stress free. I really like this little dog, and after Saturday, see her as almost perfect, LOL. Just wait until she does something stupid and I want to strangle her again...

 A really nice, but older and set-in-its-ways dog working sheep. He reminded me a ton of Duke-the way he acted, and how he looked. 

And a repeat of last year-put the girl on a barrel and have her get the dog to bring the cows around her. (Coincidentally, it was a good friend of the girl who had to do it last year!) 

By the way, the dog that she is working is one of the trainer's dogs-the one I plan to breed Jinger to next winter. 😀

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Puppies, Kids, and Sledding

First off, a few things.

#1. This blog post may be old news to some of you, as it has been in the drafting process for 2 weeks, and I just keep adding more to it. I finally decided I better post it before it gets much too large!

#2. I need to make a public apology to Aaron, and all my viewers for forgetting about this: several months ago, I had a spammer posting comments on my blog every day (fortunately not offensive, just annoying) so I closed down the comment section to anonymous commenters, meaning to open it back up in a month or so. I totally forgot about it, and one day when I was complaining about how nobody comments on my blog, Aaron told me that he'd tried but that there were too many hoops to jump through so he gave up. I argued with him for several minutes that the commenting was open to anyone who read my blog, that you don't have to sign into anything, and that it always had been, ever since I started my blog. We both left the argument feeling that we were both right, and nothing more was said. A couple of weeks ago, Dad was trying to leave a comment on my blog and was having trouble. I looked over his shoulder and saw that it was requiring him to sign in before it was going to let him comment. I was confused, but said I'd check into it and see what was going on. Brittany overheard, and reminded me of the spammer I had had, and how I had shut down the commenting to anonymous posters. Oops! I quickly fixed it, but I'm sorry I argued in the wrong, and that my faithful readers and faithful commenters have not been able to comment. Well, now it's open, so you can go back to commenting freely and often, like ya'll used to! Read the last sentence and a half in a sarcastic tone.  😜

I been taking lots of pictures of the puppies lately. 





Kate and her puppies.

Brittany, my puppies, and half of Bonny's puppies.

Joy-I think she is the cutest puppy I've ever seen. She went home to her new owner Friday morning.

I was trying to get new individual puppy pictures yesterday, so Brittany and I hauled one load of puppies over to the lawn.

Brittany thought she could just carry the other four-and she did, but poor puppies! 😂

Old beater Sadie, getting mobbed by her adoring fans. 

One of the males, Windsor.

After the aggressive attitude that Kate has shown, I'm very glad to have good ol' Jinger around. A few weeks ago, I was watching a friend's video, in which her female Border Collie was rolling on the ground loving it when a litter of random puppies crawled all over her. I commented to a couple people that I wish my dogs were like that. A couple days later, Jinger got to play with Bonny's puppies and pretty-near replicated what I saw in that video! I was so proud of her. Of course, being the way she is, she is nowhere near as calm and relaxed as my friend's dog, but tries her hardest to be calm and gentle around the puppies. She will hold as still as she can while they pile on her, but then her body starts wiggling, which progresses into rolling, and then she'll leap into the air and land in a playful bow, and after bowling a few puppies over with her exuberant play, will lay back down and repeat the process. I'm growing more and more fond of this little dog. 😊

On Saturday, Krista on down went sledding in the Simcoes. The boys took snowmobiles, and each girl rode behind one of the boys to the frothy "Big Drift" at the top of the mountains. Actually, we made it to within 200 yards of the top and some of the snowmobiles were having too much trouble in the deep snow or something, so us girls stayed there and sledded, while Luke and Mark went up to the Big Drift. 

At our parking spot, before heading up, I snapped some shots of Jinger.

Where we ended up staying and sledding-it is a lot steeper than it looks. 

Oh, and Jeff stayed with us girls too, because his snowmobile had bad spark plugs or something and wasn't working right-this is before he gave up trying to ascend the slope-he very nearly nailed this tree head on.  

Brittany waiting to go sledding.

The boys planning their route with Krista so she can get a cool video.

I hid under a tree to get the perfect angle for pictures and got this one before realizing that hiding without telling the drivers is a bad idea because they like to carve low hanging trees sometimes-Marcus almost did it too.

Krista trying out the sledding hill.

 Brittany's turn.

Meanwhile, Jeff had gone downhill and disappeared. We kinda wondered where he was, but trusted that he was okay, because Luke had gone down to see if he needed any help and came back up and continued up further without saying anything in regards to Jeff. After 30 minutes or so, Jeff came trudging defeatedly up the hill-he had been just a little ways away the whole time, but his snowmobile had gotten stuck and then died on him. After conquering the deep snow and steep slope, he collapsed in the shade under a tree to recuperate. 

 Jinger catching a snowball that Jeff threw. 

The following pictures are courtesy of Krista.

Forced to pose for a selfie. Wait-is it even a selfie if I didn't take it? I'm in Krista's selfie maybe...

Brittany decided to take Jinger for a whirl-she didn't mind too much, but quickly left the scene when they crashed halfway down.

I was laughed to scorn for burying my legs as far down into the snow as I could go (the snow was much deeper, but I couldn't get down to the bottom) and then leaning over and eating snow. Well, how else are you supposed to refresh yourself when you haven't got water? They said you're supposed to make a snowball on munch on that, but that's unsanitary-I eat raw, untouched snow only! 

Marion had buck/doe twins on March 1st. I named them Davy and Dora, out of Anne of Avonlea. It's funny-Marion had her kids on March 1st last year too, so she gets the award for most kids born on one day, which is five because she had triplets last year.



Izzy had 2 bucks and a doe on March 9th. One buck has underdeveloped, weighed only three pounds, and died after two hours of working on him.



Simcoe had twin does yesterday! I've waited a long time for twin does, so that I could name them Flora and Fauna.

The cou blanc, or possibly cou clair, is Flora.

And this girl is Fauna.

It's been a pretty even year with 4 bucks and 5 does born so far. Now we have three weeks off until Desi, Clare, and Bunny are due! 

Monday, February 19, 2018

RPM Open House

Dad and some of my brothers have been working on an office/shop for some time now, and last Saturday, we had an open house. 

The front of the office.

 Krista, the office greeter, and name tag writer. 

The coat rack, behind the front door.


Part of the kitchen display cabinets.

Some Terry Redlin art. 

Dad's office.

Dad's office, other view.


 Aaron & Chad's office.

Eric's office.

The hall. I didn't get any pictures of either bathroom, because they were busy all day. There is some pretty cool tile in them though. 

Jeff has a secret admirer? 

End of tour, start of the open house...



All the people. Most everyone had name tags, and it was very interesting to see all the job folders and filing papers get a face, when I recognized the names of the people. 

Desert of a caramel roll and ice cream for Krista. 


Our representative was there too. She is the daughter of one of Dad's customers. I got Mom to pose for a picture with her. 

We had a great time, and I'm glad it was such a success!