Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Monday, April 22, 2019

More Sultan Kids! Kittens, and Flowers

Bunny had triplets by Sultan last Tuesday! 


Hetty is the cutest kid I've ever seen! Don't you agree? 

The buck is Tom, and he didn't want to stand up for his picture. 

There we go, buddy! 

Spruce's babies are getting huge and cute. 

Polly had 4 kittens last week. Looks like at least 1 is a long hair, like their brother Mr. Fluff.

When Star showed back up to the farm over a month ago, she evidently needed a place to have kittens too. She is obviously pretty pregnant. 

Liz likes to crawl into the dogs' kennels and mess around, the little snoop.

Even the house isn't off limits to her snoopy little nose. 

I told her I was leaving, and she claimed that she was stuck. I told her I didn't believe it, because she got in there just fine. 

That's what I thought! 

A few years ago I planted some flowers out behind the pump house. I always forget about them until they come up in the spring, and I also forgot what they even are. 

I think this is Chionodoxa. 

And this is probably Hyacinth. 

Liz was with me, so we had to get some dog and flowers pictures.


I prefer these daffodils over the plain yellow ones. 

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Herding, Chicks, Liz

Jinger and I have been working hard on our cow herding skills. It feels sometimes like we've hit a wall, but laying in bed thinking things through in the dark last night, I may have found an idea for some of the issues we are having in training. I tried implementing my new plan this morning, and it seems like it might work. 
I've tried for a long time to get some good pictures of Jinger working. Trouble is, I still need to really be on top of her and not distracted by a camera while working, and when I do decide to take the camera out, my pictures always seem to end up out of focus. I still like this one though.

I wanted to get a good collie stare picture, and her sneaking up on the chickens afforded a nice one. 

I temporarily lost my head and ordered 25 chicks last week. Mostly Buff Orpingtons, with some Silver Laced Wyandottes. They ended up throwing in an extra Silver and 1 exotic something-or-other for free. 

This is my 1 exotic something-or-other. Any guesses what it could be?

My ducks, and single hatched Lavender Orpington are growing extremely quickly. After I took these pictures, I moved the chicks to a separate pen as the ducks are playing in their water so much that the chicks hardly even get a sip unless I'm there to referee. 

The goat moms are always so patient!

Jasper. I let him see the cows the other day, and he wasn't interested-I'm not too worried yet though. He looked really good on sheep a couple weeks ago, and this line is sometimes just slow to turn onto/start biting cows. And my stubborn cows need bit, or at least intimidated, to move, so Jasper just isn't ready for that yet.

I really like little Liz! She got to see sheep a couple weeks ago too, and looked extremely nice! The other day she got into the yearling calf pasture and started running that calf. I called her off, but it was beautiful to see, especially since she's so young!

The other day I ran and hid from her behind a tree, and she put her nose to the ground and worked my trail for 7 minutes or so, until she tracked me down, 100ft away! I was super impressed, as I love watching a dog work its nose! Now to just foster what she obviously already has an aptitude for and turn her into a great dog! 

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Sultan Kids! Snoopy Dog, and Chickens

Marion, our first doe bred to Sultan this year, had twin does on Sunday! Sultan has left his usual stamp on them, in terms of conformation, color, and markings. These kids have legs as long as spiders, which I find interesting. Though Marion has extremely long legs, none of her kids ever have until now. 

Following the same theme I used on her kids last year, this is Susan. 

And this cuter one with wattles is Rilla.

The older babies.

 I went through several names before finally coming to the correct one for this doe. Based on her color, I first I thought it was Angel Food Cake, then Creme Brulee, before deciding it must be a Lavender Meringue. I wasn't quite content with that, but I was sick of fooling around. Then I saw a picture of a Pavlova, and knew that's what she was reminding me of the entire time! So Pavlova she is! 
She is an extremely sweet and quiet little doe out of Eclipse.

Little Pixie. She is proving to be more standoffish, like her parents, rather than taking after her sweet and friendly grandma, Flicka, like I hoped she would. 

Kaapo and Pixie.

I was doing something in the barn after feeding the kids and heard a strange noise. I looked to see Jinger standing on top of a crate and snooping in a barrel of leashes and collars. What on earth could she be after? 

Oh yeah. Shoulda known. 😒 Brittany, I assume you put it there to hide it from Betsy-Jasper stole it and ran off I got this picture, so I'm not sure where it is now. 

This is an interesting little hen!

My Lavender Orpingtons are extremely pretty, especially the roosters, but due to lack of production I'm getting rid of them. 

Friday, March 29, 2019

Kidding Season Takes a "Bad" Turn, Beef Calves, Ducklings, and Kits

Kidding season took a bad turn when the next two does had buck kids. It makes 4 bucks for each of the moms, and zero does out of either of them in their lifetimes. They say that the sire determines the gender, but sometimes I'm not so sure-though of course, it could just be the luck of the draw, since the chance is 50% either way. 

Bluebelle's buck. I only had doe names picked out for her kids, and was following the "belle" pattern with Annabelle, Clarabelle, etc. When I explained this to two people, they both had the same name suggestion for this buck: Dumbbelle. 😂 Now that's all I can think of, but I don't really want to call him that, poor thing!

Clare was bred to two different bucks, so we will have to DNA these kids.




I'm still having problems with the incubator and extremely poor hatch rates, but hatched 11 ducklings this week! (From day 1 my ducks think I'm a monster, hence them all huddled in the back corner.)

One of the ducklings had a big hole in the egg but couldn't get out, so the next morning I helped him out. Being stuck in the shell for longer than normal did something to his neck, I think, as he couldn't get his head of a fetal position for more than a couple seconds. I put him in a popsicle stick splint, but that knocked him off balance and he kept getting stuck on his back. 


So I googled "neck splint for duckling" and found an answer right away! Some blogger from Australia said to cut a small hole in the center of a piece of sponge and slide it over their head. I did that, and the duckling immediately looked better. The blog writer said to leave it on for 24 hours-as of this writing, it has been on my duckling for 24 hours and he now seems normal, but I might just leave it until morning to make good and sure his neck muscles have aligned themselves in the correct manner. 

Our calving season began and ended overnight this week! Both of our cows had their calves on the same night, and when Dad showed me the picture I thought maybe just one had had twins! But no, they'd both calved, and are both taking care of both calves. 

The all black one is a bull.  

This one is a heifer. Isn't she a cutie with those markings? 

I took all my does' kids and am bottle raising them. One has absolutely refused to take a bottle so far, and started starving after several days, so we came to a compromise-he can eat off of a doe, but it's not his mom, and he still have to live with the bottle babies and just eat 3xs a day. I'm still offering him the bottle occasionally, trying to get some interest but, as I said, have still had no luck thus far.

Carmelita will probably be staying here, as she's a good looking kid, and I like her temperament so far.

My favorite rabbit, Spruce, had 7 babies two weeks ago. She had never had a black kit before, but in this litter she has 5 of them! I love black and want to build my herd off of Spruce, so if these are does they are staying! I saved back several does last year, but so far they are refusing to breed, plus they aren't super nice and they aren't Spruce babies, so I will probably just butcher them.

My dogs and I. 
Jasper is like Duke was-looks half dead every time the camera comes out, and looks more dead the more you try to coax him to look like he wasn't just beaten into submission. 
Flint is doing okay, but has been extremely tired again the last few days, and not eating very well. I think I can blame the tiredness on the fact that he is back outside, on a cable, for the first time since he got sick, and I think the extra moving he does during the day, plus all the stimulation is just wearing him out. 
Liz is really developing into a nice puppy, but has been extremely angry when in her kennel the last few days, screaming and roaring for hours on end. Oh well-I know it's just a phase that will soon pass.
Jinger has really filled out and looks like an adult now, instead of a scrawny teenager. She lost a ton of hair after having puppies, and has a skinny rat tail right now. She should be coming into heat any day now, and I have some exciting puppy plans for her! After this litter, I plan to skip her next cycle and wait to breed her again until next spring.