Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Vi and Barry

I really don't have much of interest going on right now, but I'll share a little bit anyway. 

Violet's incision line got abscessed, so Mom and I have been squeezing and pulling chunks of pus out with a pair of tweezers and flushing it with iodine. We haven't gotten any pus out in three days now, and though I've been flushing it still, it looks like it's finally healing. She kept chewing on it and keeping it looking like the picture below....

...until we did this to her. She demolished the first shirt in short order, so we tried the bucket. She was still able to reach the wound, so we put a different shirt on. That seems to be working, though she's going to need another new shirt soon. 

I'm training a dog named Barry for Dogs of the Gorge. I had a little pit puppy named Gabby about a month ago, but she was adopted after I only had her for a week. And for three of those days I was bedridden with food poisoning or something, so I barely got to work with her. 
Anyway, I picked up Barry last night. I'd guess he's about a year old, and is a Australian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees mix. Your guess is as good as mine though. He's very smart, a little noisy, and a little mouthy. And he sheds a ton.

 He's quite calm, and gets along with all of the other animals. He did get a little excited when he saw Dove today, but didn't act like he wanted to chase her. 

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