Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Monday, May 30, 2016

Flicka's Kids

Flicka had buck/doe twins yesterday.

Stephen, 10.6# buck-biggest kid of the year! See that dark spot on his shoulder? That is not a shadow-that is a-well, dark spot, that's what. When he's in the sun you can see several more black speckles on his rear leg too. Never seen such a thing before!

Molly, a 9.2# doe. That black spot above her right eye is poop but all the other black spots are real. I've never seen a pattern like this either. I think she's a cou blanc. 

My friend from Dogs Of the Gorge, where I got Barry from, loaned me a puppy exercise pen. This kids are being raised in quarantine, and being fed pasteurized milk. The reason for this is that three of our does, Flicka, Emmy and June, tested positive for CAE last week. That's a story for another time as it is very lengthy.

And before you go, check out my Anconas. Boy, are they getting big! 

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