Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Rooster Fight

Old Mister Rooster woke with the morn,
Only it was a rude awakening, from a goat's hard horn.
The goat knocked him out of the wrong side of bed,
And a huge flash of anger went straight to his head.

He grumbled about breakfast, the weather, his hens,
And was especially rude to the little, dark wrens.
As he looked about for things to vent on,
He spotted his enemy, the young rooster Fenton.

"It's been four days since last I tried,"
"This time I'll get him! It's time he died."
He approached the fence, with a stealthy step,
And then he attacked with vigor and pep!

His opponent was completely taken by surprise,
But immediately fought back, with fire in his eyes.
They squawked as they flapped up against the fence,
They acted all crazy, as if they had no sense.

After several minutes of fighting, they ran out of breath.
Said Mister Rooster, "Fenton here is death."
"You are about to be thundered and beat,"
And he struck the fence one more time with his feet.

"Oh help me!" he cried, as he swung by his toe,
"Oh just take me down and let me go!"
"Fenton, if you will set me free,"
"I will forever leave you be!"

Fenton couldn't have helped if he'd wanted,
And as it was, he just strutted and flaunted.
"Oh dear, oh dear, oh my, oh me,"
"It's the third time I've been stuck-just set me free!"