Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Friday, January 22, 2016

Forgotten Pictures, Pregnant Goats, and Ducks

I meant to post these pictures back when we had snow, but I misplaced them and only found them this morning. 


 Dora and Lily, not minding the snow.

Dove and Sailor were fighting over the right to sit on top of the post. 

 Dove won for now....

...Sailor got his chance later!

 I got seven more ducks this week. The fellow I got them from is the man who bought Sultan last summer! Unfortunately, I didn't get to see Sultan when we were at the farm.

My original two, whom Kaia named Abernathy and Greta.

Lily, Flicka, Emmy, and Dora, not wanting to come any further because they don't want their hooves to get muddy. 

Desi, Rosie, and Lu, taking it easy on a raining day. 
Rosie is due in April and is getting rounder! 

Lu's due in March, and is, well, very round! How many kids do you think she has in there?