Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Soap For Sale!

I finally have soap for sale! Scented with essential oils, I have the following scents available: Lemon, Tea Tree, Lavender, and Seven Scent. No artificial colors are added so most of the soap is dark yellow as I haven't figured out how to use herbs to color (other than the green Seven Scent) yet. Soap costs $1.00 an ounce and most bars average four ounces. I also have some unscented seconds available at half price. I can also make custom soap. Practically any scent that comes in essential oil form, I can make. There are a couple that are very expensive, but still, if you wanted to pay the extra amount I could make that too. 

Below: Freyja tolting around her pen. We are selling both Freyja and Meyla so Mom and I went out and took pictures of them.

 Then, because the horses are leaving, I had to hurry up and get my "critter photo" taken. 

Duke was totally unenthused about the whole thing. He hates pictures.

 We tried another pose but that one didn't turn out so well. For one, my cat had deserted me. Also, Duke wasn't any more excited about riding a horse than he was about posing in the last picture.

 Last week, we (Kaia, Luke, Mark, Brit and I) went hiking on the Klickitat Trail. It was a nice little hike and we saw some wonderful scenery along the way. One was the huge icicles that can be seen in the below picture of Duke and Bonny.

 Then I slung both Duke and Bonny on the railroad ties that jutted out from under a bridge.

That's all for now! I'm tired. Gotta go eat some green beans and salmon before hitting the hay. I can have pineapple tomorrow! Whoohoo!


  1. The kids think Duke riding a horse is the funniest thing. :)

  2. haha can't believe the horse lets him do that! I should get some more soap :)