Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Thursday, February 26, 2015

More Kids This Week

 Desi had a buck kid on Tuesday! His name is Jack.  She was as big as a barn and only one?!?!  

Today, Mirah had a buck and a doe! She had them all alone and was fast, no problems, kids are strong and healthy and eating already. Mirah is my ideal kidder. :)  Daisy was the other doe like this but that alone was not enough to make me keep her. Oh, that goat was terrible! 
First picture is the buck kid. No name yet. The doe is tentatively named Sophie.
 This is what I can upon when I came out to check on her.

 Also, on Friday the 13th, Mom, Brittany and I went down to Molalla to pick up my new doeling that I've wanted for years. Her granddam is a wonderful doe, whom, I suppose, nobody on here has any interest in knowing anything about. So to save myself time and effort, I'll stop here. 

Anyway, we got down there and Mom was overcome by the pens of cute babies and got one for herself. She is the one below and her name is Emmy. She is a very strong willed, adventuresome, stubborn little girl with sharp teeth. (Mom, I'm not saying I dislike her-just stating the facts.)

Bottle babies are THE WORST. If you don't believe or understand why, I invite you to come and help with them for a day. You'll leave with bleeding knuckles, filthy pants, hair six inches shorter, and visions of little goats being smashed by bucks, kicked by cows, and stomped on by horses. This Emmy gets out whenever she wants and parades around buck, cow, and horse pen while I close my eyes and wait for the accident to happen. It hasn't happened yet and I think Marcus fixed the pen today. Who knows-this could prove to be the third time that we thought we had her fixed only to come back later and see her dancing gleefully around Sultan and Andy's pens. Mom's gonna have to learn how to handle such a spitfire after being used to gentle old Desi. Desi's such a nice girl though a bit slow at times. 
Without further ado, here is Emmy
 And my Flicka. I love her. Mom says she's just as bad as Emmy when she feeds, but I haven't actually found that problem. Probably because I either feed her or all of them so she never has a chance to beat on me because I didn't bring her a bottle.
So other than that, she is a sweet "little girl" with a cute little maa that she answers her name with. I take her 'round when I do chores and she has a lot of fun playing on the grain bins, straw stacks, and hay bales.

So, that's all for now! I don't have anymore pictures on this device. I'll do another post with more pictures when I get hold of a computer.

P.S. I wasn't joking. Feel free to come and help with the kids! They will not hesitate to show you "the good, the bad, and the ugly" of bottle babies. Then maybe it'll help you not just buy an animal because "it is cute." Cute doesn't mean everything and actually, usually is used for a disguise of something bigger, meaner, and uglier. :)  Both the work it takes to care for it, and the ugly adult it grows into. This seems to happen most in dogs-I kind of a think that is why we have two of our three dogs. Or maybe even all three........


  1. Bottle calves are worse than bottle goats due strictly to the size--equally as annoying and stupid, I'm sure. Good Mirah!!

  2. I'm coming to help!! And I love that flicka is a different colour!