Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Thursday, February 5, 2015


 Fern kidded on Januray 28th with a single doe kid weighing seven and a half pounds. For the size she was, this kid is a surprise. I mean, she wasn't all that big but she was big enough to have a bigger or more kids than this! Brittany named the kid Lily. 

                                         Duke. Dad, is this picture better?

Two and a half more weeks for Desi and Amirah! The goat class in Clackamas lands on the day before Desi and Amirah are due.(February 21st) I hope both have kidded so I can go this year.


  1. What was wrong with the last pic of duke? He does look cleaner in this one:) what's the goat class for? Cool pics- that one reminds me of the one I took of Theda- do you still have it?

    1. Exactly! Dad said he was filthy and that I should bathe him before I take pictures of him. That being said, I did not bathe him before taking this picture-he just happened to be clean.
      The class covers a ton of stuff from getting started to participating in DHIR.(Dairy Herd Improvement Registry)
      Yes I still have that picture. I know it is printed for sure and probably in some stashed away folder somewhere.