Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

 With kidding just around the corner (and calving too) and spread out through the spring, I figured I'd do a fun little post to get you all in the spirit. Because it's probably what my next post(s) are going to be. 
Unfortunately, the pictures uploaded in the reverse order. However, we will be content that I was able to upload them at all. 
Kids and calves from the past.
Speckled Face's calf from 2013. An April fool's calf and well suited! I went out to check on her that morning, and thought, "It looks like she'll calve in two or three days." However, I hate being wrong so I told Dad, "She'll probably calve in the next week." 
This was when Dan & Nina were here for Easter. Sari and I had planned a horse ride for that day, using Cody and Spikes. 
So, we went for our ride and had a great time! 
When we got home, about 4 hours later, somehow I KNEW that Speckle Face was calving. I don't know how I knew-as I said, I thought she was gonna calve in three or four days. I've never told anyone this for fear they'll think me weird, but I recently decided that I just don't care anymore. I'm tired of living in the constant fear (maybe a better word would be caution) of what people think of me. To a certain extent. 
Anyway, I hurried to the corral right away and in about an hour we had a little heifer.
Desi's Nubian/Alpine kids from 2012, Heikki and Tuulia. Or Tullia-Mom will know how it's spelled.

 Davis's kids from 2013, Frank and Joe.

Theda's 2013 kids, Grace, Chet and Violet.

Desi's 2013 buck kids, Biff, Jerry and Tony.

                                                       Biff and Tony

 And then, the pregnant girls. Amirah

 Fern. She could kid anywhere from tomorrow, the 28th, to the 8th of February. These pictures are a week old. Judging by her udder (both size and as fast it has changed even from this morning to tonight) she could easily kid tonight or tomorrow. No other signs indicate anything though. On the one hand, I really, really dislike first timers because you just DON'T KNOW when they are going to kid and what signs they will show. On the other, it is exciting and keeps you on your toes.

 This picture was taken five days ago, and I'd say her udder has tripled maybe even quadrupled since then.

 Amriah- here you can see how huge she is. However, she is short-legged so probably really isn't any bigger than the rest of them.

 And my new favorite picture, Duke "sitting pretty." That's his newest trick by the way.


  1. What's your name theme this year? And your dog needs a bath! You should ask for suggestions for new tricks since I couldn't think of any:)

    1. We don't have a theme this year. Or at least I don't. I did think, since the tattoo letter is "f" this year, I could have a Flora and Fauna. :)
      Yeah I was going to ask for suggestions but, surprise of surprises, I forgot.