Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Monday, July 14, 2014

"The Cross"

"The Cross"

The cross where Jesus suffered, bled and gave his life for me,
Has a very different meaning unto many I can see.
When souls, truly awakened, behold Jesus hanging there,
Then they see sin's nature rightly and they plunge into despair.

But to them the wounds of Jesus, which are bleeding will suffice,
For they were inflicted on Him when for sin He paid the price.
There they find, for sin, forgiveness and deliverance in the strife,
There they see the law's fulfillment, there they find the place of life.

For this Jesus there reveals unto them the mystery,
Of all He did for sinners when He hung upon the tree.
He has paid for their redemption-through His blood has brought them peace,
Prepared a place for them in Heaven where their joy will never cease.

He has cried, "Forgive them Father" for us sinners when He died,
And the dying thief rejoiced to see God's heart now pacified. 
"It is finished!" Do you sinners hear this cry of victory?
For the Lord, through death, has conquered, now the captives are set free.

But the souls who have not ever come to see their sinfulness,
Have not come unto the place where they have cried out in distress,
And when they've come to Calv'ry, where the Lamb of God is slain,
They desire not to see Him who has suffered such great pain. 

They never see the heart which bursts with mercy, love and grace,
So they flee in death and sorrow from this blessed resting place.
And the vale, rent in two, to open this "Most Holy Place,"
For them never has been drawn back, but is still before their face.

Oh, my dear friend, it is only through this wondrous gift of love,
We can cross the Jordan river to our blessed home above.
And our blessed, blood red bridegroom will there lead us by the hand,
Into that celestial city, yes, that blessed "Golden Strand."

We'll behold the blessed "slain Lamb" who with joy we will adore,
And we'll glorify and love and thank and praise Him evermore. 

Author Unknown

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