Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Feels Like Christmas!

Lately, it has been feeling like Christmas now. First of all, it was my birthday on June 1st-I turned 16. For my birthday I got a bunch frothy shirts and a subscription to a magazine-United Caprine News. I still haven't received the latter though. 
Then, we got a pair of clipper; like hair clippers. Oh how I love those things! (Much to the dismay of my family when they see that their favorite animal is shorn and has clipper tracks all over him)  
Lastly, I started getting these envelopes in the mail. (See below.)
                            Here is what they contain-all the goats' registration papers!

Below are several animals sporting their new haircuts. Guess in the comments who is who. (Those who live at home and know, please refrain from telling for one week (seven days) to give others a chance to guess.)
Here are some names they could be- Grace, Violet, Rosti, Chloe, Addy, Sultan, Edward, Chloe, or Duke.

                                                                    Other News
*We hatched 5 chicks in June. One died but all the others are doing well. One has a deformed left wing.
*I'm making my own goat grain-it is better for that and a couple bucks cheaper. My recipe is:
                                                                 1 part Black Oil Sunflower Seed
                                                                 3 Parts each of Whole Barely and Oats
You can also add a bunch of other stuff including mollassas but I just stick with the simple. Most of the goats like it just as much as the old stuff. It can also be sprouted or grown into fodder for more nutrition.
*I was confirmed June 29th. Walter Ketola taught the class and my classmates were; Ashlyn Mattila, Jeremy Ketola, and James Somero.
*I got my permit in June and am now able to drive. I was horribly terrified at first but I like it now. Driver's Ed started last week.
*I sold Daisy last month!!!!  YAY! YAY! YAY!  I couldn't stand that goat! She was big, had horns, was mean, and whatever she was told to do, she tried doing the exact opposite with all her strength. Unfortunately, she took Ezra, the cutest little goat ever, with her. Also unfortunately, her daughter that I kept, Eliza Jane, seems to be showing some of the same traits. *Groan* She may be going too, but not before she freshens as I like to see what my goats are producing.
*We got a new buck last month also. His barn name is Andy. His highfalutin name is Champion Acres Livrstong Andy. It is supposed to be Livestrong but evidently somebody messed up somewhere and it is Livrstrong instead. I don't have any pictures of him and Mom won't give me a direct answer whether or not I can shave him. If she does let me, I'll post some pictures as soon as I can. She did tell me I could finally shave Desi so maybe I am breaking her down. :)

Have a great day!

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  1. Shave them all, as long as no pics of poor Desi:)