Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Friday, August 22, 2014

Row, Row, Row Your Goat

Okay, once again these photos did not upload in the order they were supposed to. Oh well.
My confirmation class. 

 A barn sallow nest in the goat barn. I absolutely love barn swallows-they are my favorite bird. Besides, watching the chicks get fed, a parent feed the chicks and average of a bug a minute, plus they have to eat for themselves too, can you imagine how many bugs that is a day? 

 Then the title part. We built a new pen for the kids because it was really crowded in the barn. 
Eliza Jane

Elliot-we had to put some plywood between the fence and the straw as they were chowing it down like pigs.

 See what I mean?

Then they were being playful so we thought we'd make them a toy. The boys bargained for a story in exchange for throwing the boat in there. I agreed providing I got enough pictures-I didn't. Sorry! 
Lu and Elliot
Lu, Bonnie, Ginger, Elliot and Rose
The boat is full! Lu, Bonnie, Ginger, Rose, Elliot, and Elizabeth. Eliza Jane and Elsie think the boat is TOO full and are hiding by me.


Somebody's rocking the boat! Elizabeth absolutely horrified! 

Run Bonnie!!  Liz on the left diving over.
Elliot rides out the wild waves and then jumps out when the boat reaches land.
My pretty little Elsie

Liza wondering if it's all clear.
Amirah has an interesting marking on her side. What does it resemble?

Our newest boy Andy. 
Edward-he is for sale if anybody wants. 
And big boy Sultan-hoofty he stinks!!

Other: Grace, Elliot, Chloe and Sari are sold and gone.
We got a new goat on Wednesday-her name is Miss Lavender. It was Violet but two Violets would have gotten pretty confusing!

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