Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Monday, April 25, 2016

Summer Clip, Violet Update, Spring Flowers, and Babies

Pictures are not in order, sorry. 

First of all, I gave Duke a summer clip. No, I didn't shave his whole body this time either. :) 

Here is a before picture... 

 ...And here is after. I just trimmed his legs and belly to cut down on cheat grass gathering, dirt, and maybe some cool air can reach his belly as well.

 Emmy is due on Tuesday? I think, and she's being looking close for awhile.

 Violet is doing great! This picture was taken last week, and then the stitches popped out, making it look better, so I took a new one today. (Below this one.)

You can see on the left side where all the stitches were. I think there are still two in at the bottom of the incision, although only one is visible in the picture.

Annual dog/flower photoshoot! 



Lilacs-they may be my favorite flowers, but I have a very hard time choosing so I'm not sure.

As usual, the dogs thought they were about to die, and had to take a dip after our walk, even though it was only about 65 degrees out.

Dove had six kittens last night. Only three made it though... We also are taking care of a couple of Grandpa's orphan kittens that are about 3.5 weeks old.

Lily had buck/doe twins yesterday evening! 
Zoe-7 pounds 

 Will-8 pounds

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  1. Yeah, I doubled my animals.