Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Friday, February 26, 2016

A Beautiful, Sunny Day

It's been so beautiful and sunny here lately! 

The feeder calves enjoyed their "clean sheets." 

Luke brought Duke into the goat pen with us, and I was surprised to see that Dora was the only one who even cared about him. All the others barely even noticed him.

Marion-she's just so photogenic!

Gideon (in front) and Joshua



Desi and Lu having some Mommy and daughter time.

Rose, looking like she'll have triplets. 

Lily delights in rolling around in the sun.

I'm going to keep a picture diary of the progress of this young cow. She was feeding her own calf plus allowing all the other calves in the pen to nurse at will. As a result, she became very, very, thin. I moved her into the horse pen so she can be given alfalfa hay, and she's also getting grain. We have a couple of bags of grain leftover because we sold Meyla who was getting the grain. So as soon as it's gone the cow will just be on alfalfa hay and no grain. 

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