Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Emmy, Dogs, Silver Cat.......

I failed taking a picture every day, but I can still share a picture for every day!
Emmy. My favorite shade of Chamoisee-Theda was the same color. 
I was just thinking about that batch of goats yesterday. I'm really missing Theda and Mirah right now.....

The dogs. Kaia was quite offended when she found out Sadie isn't included when I talk about "the dogs."

 Sailor is turning white for some reason. It is very neat to have a silver-tipped cat, if you ask me! Mom, it may be imagination, but I think he is becoming more soft and silky the more he whitens. 

 He used to be black like Luther, below.

 Kaia and I went shopping on Tuesday, and I found something great. It is called dairy free cheese! (I've had it before, but wasn't very imaginative with it.) I had a chicken, bacon, cheese quesadilla for breakfast. Then I made pizza for supper and have been eating it ever since. Maybe I'll have breakfast burritos with cheese tomorrow.

I finally accomplished making a batch of soap I wasn't disgusted or frustrated with! The main trick is my PVC mold, and the next trick is herbs for coloring. 
This batch has seven different Essential oils in it that target eczema. My hand has been acting up again lately. The coloring is powdered alfalfa. Next I'm going to make Lavender-I think it'll just have to be yellow as I don't have any purple herbs. 

 I got a conformation picture of Dora. She looks nice!

 I brought Bonny with me on my trip to town today, and got some pictures at the library. I got lots of compliments at the vet clinic and feed store about how beautiful she is. And she is! Just look for yourself.

 I love cattle drives-not so much being stuck behind one for a couple of miles, though. 


  1. Are you selling soap yet?!

    1. Not quite yet-I haven't received the lye to make more yet. Besides, it has to cure for six weeks first. Soon!

  2. Crazy ole' Sailor! Brittany