Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Saturday, October 17, 2015


 Mom and I went to Boise for the ADGA convention and to pick up a doe. The convention included lots and lots of classes about goats. 
Did anyone know this 9/11 memorial is in Granger, right by the gas station? It was dedicated in 2011 and so far, everyone I've asked had no clue it was there. I guess we aren't very observant. 

 They had lots of roses at the hotel and I love roses. 


At what was called the rose gazebo. More other flowers and wist 

The front of the lobby. It was the fanciest hotel I've ever stayed in and huge as well. It must have had at least nine different convention rooms. 
In the hallway, looking at the vendor's room. 

I just snapped a photo of this cute handbag because it is the same fabric as our curtains in the goat shed. 

In the Spotlight Sale barn. They have up to three goats of each breed that they auction off on the second to last day of the convention. In 2013, the highest selling goat was $3,600. That was the highest but it gives you an idea of what they go for. Crazy! 
 Redwood Hills Adonis. I really, really liked this buck. Not enough to part with thousands of dollars though. Or even one thousand. 

Back to the hotel.... It had checker and chess boards here and there throughout the whole hotel. These ones outside beat them all. Those chess pieces come up to about my waist. 

The big swimming pool.

On they way home, we stopped at the Old Fort Boise. It was closed but we walked around the outside anyway. 
 A memorial to everyone from the Air Force to Fire Station.

Marie Dorian, who came to the fort in 1814 and found the people dead, so took her two boys and headed for Walla Walla in the dead of winter. 

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