Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Compared Week

A Compared Week
By Kailey Rhoades

Dad and Mom take the plane,
And oh it gives me a great pain.
For they are going to Hawaii,
Oh! I think that I will cryie.

Here it is so cold,
The temperature will remain untold;
There it is very warm-
Warmer than a sheep unshorn.

I bring water to the goats-
It is so cold I need three coats.
I take the bucket-set it in their reach,
While Dad grabs some punch, and goes down to the beach.

This morning the cow faucet froze.
So did my nose and toes.
Mom stays on the beach and sunburns,
For a taste of that my heart yearns.

Mom sits in the shade,
With a glass of lemonade.
I sit by the fire,
Trying to get the flames higher.

The wind blew with such spite,
My nose and cheeks got frostbite.
Mom and Dad try some shark,
And then go to the sunny park.

The church froze up-
I couldn't even fill a cup.
In Hawaii it is hot and bright,
Hot even during the dark night.

Today I go to the vet.
Today is the coldest day yet.
Dad is snorkeling-sees lots of pretty fish,
Mom's listening to the water say, "Swish."

Mom and Dad take the plane,
And finally are home again.
They shiver and shake as they step out the door,
They put on a coat and then one more.

Next time they go they'd better take me,
Of very sad and miserable I will be.
I want to be in Hawaii with a Peach Snapple.
P.S. At least they bought pineapple!


  1. Hehe, I'll not point out the inconsistencies.. but I do wish they HAD brought pineapple!!

  2. That was so unfair that you didn't get to go, How Rude!!. So now maybe they need to give you a break and they put on the 3 coats and feed and you sit by the fire and drink hot chocolate.