Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Blogger wasn't working so I couldn't update. I think we are on working terms again though.

Mom got this frothy sewing machine for Christmas. According to the website I found, it was built in 1919.
                                                                         Big, fat Chloe.
                                            Duke-he's learning lots of new tricks.

                                                         Duke and Sadie playing.

                                             Sadie waits while Duke takes a swim.
                                            Duke comes out of the pond and rushes Sadie.

 At this point, they set out for Noma's at a brisk pace disregarding my whistles and shouts.
 I couldn't believe it! Duke has never not listened to me before. Sadie... well I wasn't surprised. I marched out and hauled Duke back-Sadie came on her leisure time. Grrr....
 Chloe must have thought it was all pretty funny as she started hopping around.

                                                 I told her to stop and she did and stood docilely.
 .....for about two seconds. " I can't help it!" she giggled as she sprang away.

                She then ran over and attacked Sari. Sari just said, "Buzz off, you big Buzzard."

                             I went to photograph the chickens while she continued being crazy.
                                                                  "What's that?"
Mistress Burnsides came to check it out too.  See if you can guess why she is thus named.

                                                                  Marcus's ducks.

                                        Mom, feather feet are no good for muddy ground.

 Duke never used to play but recently he started. The toy in to picture was his favorite but he played too hard with it and it fell apart.

                                                               The other cows.

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