Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Thursday, December 12, 2013

There hasn't been very much to update about lately. I took my camera out to get some pictures yesterday but it was already getting dark hence the terrible pictures. But I thought I'd put them on anyway.
We got the cows back from summer pasture a couple weeks ago. Below is Beezus. All the others were in the barn and would not come out so no pictures of them. She is my next pet now that Big Lady is dead. She is a nice little cow but isn't pet-able yet. Actually, she used to be the second tamest cow we had so it should be to hard to tame her again.

A few pictures of the horses. They get very, very hairy in the winter.
                              Below is Meyla, the prettiest animal in the farm in my opinion.

                                        Rosti doesn't get nearly as hairy as does Meyla.
Below are a few goat pictures I took awhile back and kept forgetting to post.
                                                             Violet and Sari.
Sari-a good example of beauty is as beauty does.
                                                 Homely, dish-faced little Chloe.

                                                       Amriah's pretty face.

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