Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Monday, December 30, 2013

I hope every had a happy and blessed Christmas! Eric or Debbie, the below video is for Mason


And this is just a random video I found-boy I thought it was funny!

We haven't been very busy around here...... No "white stuff" on Christmas........ Has been in the forties for the last week........Had our family get-together on Saturday with Krista surprising us and coming from South Dakota on Friday night. Mom's car was gone from the garage and Mom was home. "Mom where did Dad take your car?" A vague, "To town." "What for?" "He said he had to pick something up-you know tomorrow is Saturday." When he gets home, I hear Krista's voice......... WAIT! Krista?!?! What a nice surprise!
I got 5 pounds of chocolate for Christmas from sis-in-law Brandie....... 4.2 pounds to be precise. Anyone who knows me knows my weakness for chocolate and the problems it causes me and how I never learn! :)  Mom's surgery went well and she is currently in the chair chatting with Kaia, Krista, and Jeff.........
We thought Desi had aborted earlier but on Saturday we decided she is pregnant. See the below picture? That is called a flehmen response. All animals do it (although in different ways) and it is how they analyze a scent or something. Anyway, Desi always does it when she is pregnant and she does it more the closer she gets to kidding-she did it on Saturday. So we are hoping she will kid come spring.  If so, she will be due March 23rd. Sari is due February 28th, Chloe March 23rd, Daisy April 15th, and Theda April 16th.
 Here is Chloe-she is even larger than the picture shows. I think she'll have triplets.
So, I think that is all for now. Oh actually I rode Rosti on Saturday and had a lot of fun. I think I'll go again tomorrow.

P.S. Following the tragic death of my shock collar, I said condolences could be sent in the form of a new shock collar. Just a friendly reminder- I want this one. http://www.amazon.com/SportDog-535918-Sportdog-SD-425-Trainer/dp/B00A008TFS/ref=zg_bs_2975428011_10


  1. Frothy!!!!!!!! Brittany

  2. Are you going to buy a monkey soon? Stubby

  3. I have one every time you guys come down. :D