Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Poem

I was looking at the stats, and quite a few people look at my blog daily. So here is a post for y'all.

     On, Friday, Jeff shot a deer.
The place he fired wasn't very near.
In a canyon-at the bottom,
Was the buck he killed this Autumn.

        He came and got Luke, Mark and I,
And we got ready on the fly.
We loaded the quad and rope and chain,
Just as it was starting to rain.

        We got to Grandpa's at 15 'till nine,
And Oh Boy! we had a time.
The chain was stretched as far as it could go,
Then we went into the canyon below.
        I first saw its head,
            And I said,
        "A six by four?!?!"
      "I want it on my door."

       He weighed 200 pounds,
And it only took one rounds,
To take the beast down.
He was all brown.

      I helped gut it,
Then we hauled it,
Bit by little bit,
Out of the miserable pit.

     It took four hours to get the monster out,
By then, of course, we were about,
To collapse in a heap beside it,
And rest for a big bit.

      We hauled it home,
By then it was two,
I should've been in Mr. Nickels's  room,
Learning about things that moo.

      On the fork-lift he went,
And we skinned him that day,
His hide could've made a tent,
To keep the rain away.

        Jeff brought him to 3-H meat,
And we had them all beat.
The largest he had seen that year,
The record? He came pretty near.




  1. Nice Kailey. You should put it to music ;)

  2. That was quite decent! Thanks, Annie Kay. Stub

  3. Tee hee hee. Good entertainment while at work :)

  4. That's real decent Kailey. Hope some of the people who check every day will comment also.
    P.S. Did you oil your shoes???

  5. Thanks from one of your daily (almost) blog checker! You are a very very good writer:)

  6. Deddie, you find music that fits and I'll do it. Moldy, did you look for my magazines?

  7. I love poems that rhyme! good job!

  8. Nice kailey! Like a rap, Debbie?? hehe