Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Saturday, May 19, 2012


On Saturday, I went to a Goat Academy just three miles from our house. There were lots of things to do but they had several going at the same time, I did fitting your dairy goat, nutrition basics, and understanding genetics. I would have done testing for worms and blood draws, but I missed them. It was only the second one they've done, and it wasn't very organized.  

The doe that was used for the fitting. Fitting your goat means trimming its hooves, bathing, clipping, and brushing it.

The kid.
                                  An angora getting sheared. The fleece is so soft. They did TONS of things with it.
A kitten and momma cat.
                                                            A border collie puppy.

Some of their goats. 
                                                         The angora after getting sheared.
                      The pack/harness goats Bubba and Mr. Brown. They are kiko/boer and 300 pounds.
                                              A colt and filly just weaned. They neighed almost the whole time.

                                                      One of the goats that was milked.
   Sherlock the Lamancha/Boer/Oberhasli/Sannen. He was another pack/harness goat.
                                                           Getting harnessed.
                              His owner looking for help. The owner was the guy that bought Sari and the kids.
Hooked up to the chariot.
                                                       Another angora.
 Bubba and Mr.Brown were somewhat wild. The girls got them worked up chasing them trying to catch them.
Try holding 300 pounds of scared goat. They finally got two people on each rope, and dragged them over to a fence post and tied them up.
                                                        Sherlock ready to go.

                                                        Getting him warmed up.
                                            Apparently this guy wasn't trained. He went crazy and was put away.
Bubba ready to go.
                                                  Oops the chariot broke.
                                    Then another one broke. Finally they were ready to race. With only two goats.
One person drove while the other led. Sherlock let Bubba in a cloud of dust. Bubba wouldn't go. The driver was whipping and the leader was pulling. Someone standing next to me said,"maybe it's a drag race. Finally he went. I videoed till they went down the hill. I accidently deleted the video.
On the homestretch! When Bubba saw he was headed home, he left Sherlock in the dust.

                                                       Then Sherlock's chariot broke. Bubba wins!

                 They need to build better chariots and have better trained goats next time.

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  1. Looks interesting. You going to try the chariot races next year?