Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Saturday, March 24, 2012

More Random Things

Me with my first cat Abbie. I got her out of that bag on the left.
                                                        Tullia minutes after she was born.
                                          The children were throwing rocks and Riika thought she could catch them.

                                           Addie sits at the window and begs for food.
                                                     Attacus is strange at times.
                                                 I was trying out my new camera.
                                                       Blanket is strange at times too.


  1. Did Alyssa give you that cat? Cuz I think I remember that..I must have been around

  2. You do have strange animals-what is Atticus thinking and how did he get in there??

  3. Hey I was JUST thinking of giving you the kitty-and wondering where the video went? did you find that too? and Debbie, I don't think you would've been there then 'cause it was right away in the morning..but maybe you watched the video?

  4. I had forgotten all about the video. I sure wish I could find it.