Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Fight

What is that?
Oh we had a spat.
Sari and I.
And no we didn't die.
It wasn't the kind of a spat,
Where you hit the other with a bat.
It happened this morning.
The day started kinda boring.
And Sari thought,
"It is time I taught,
This girl whose head is pretty thick,
That I know how to kick."
So she waited until,
She could make the bucket spill.
Then she let loose.
She acted like a moose.
She kicked so hard,
There was milk in the yard.
I grabbed the bucket,
And I smacked her with it.
I said "You've been very bad,
You have made me very mad."
Then I sat on the stool,
And it was wet! That tool!
I milked her some more,
Then showed her the door.
I got the mess cleaned up,
Then I called the pup.
She drank the milk that was left over,
And went and laid in the clover.
Even though I was mad,
I have to say it made me glad.
She gave me some excitement on that boring day,
Before I started on my way.

The pictures were taken on my phone and then I took a picture of the phone so they aren't very good.
Edit: Jeff and Kaia showed me how to send them to my email.


  1. oh no! what a mess! So now what? How you milk and keep hold of the bucket?

  2. THAT was a good one Annie Kay! Gonna have to tie the bucket to her now. Stub

  3. That's it! I'd take-in ratchet strap it to her and then take-in show her the door. Let her kick at it all day if she wants to. Mold.

  4. I changed my mind-I don't want to milk her anymore!

  5. haha! I love your writings Kailey :)

  6. You need to write a book, Kailey!!

  7. You need to write a book, Kailey!!