Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Keystone Acres And Other

Today we went to Keystone Acres. We go there at least twice a year. It is out in the middle of the sticks as my dad says. The stream was VERY cold and deeper than I have ever seen it although I haven't been there in March before. I got the courage to cross the stream and almost just stayed on the other side. The water was probably 35 degrees. The air was 60. I thought it was supposed to be winter. The thing I like best is the culvert. We roll it, take pictures in it and on it, and just sit on top. Here is the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83OYAcGb23I&feature=youtu.be Of course we had hot dogs, chips, pop, and pinwheels. We forgot the grapes. It was very fun.
After we got home, Shianne and I went a groomed the horses. I snuck a picture of her brushing Meyla.
Yesterday I rode Rosti. I hadn't ridden him in about 3 weeks and he was quite smart-aleck. And feeling his oats. Or hay because he doesn't get oats. I got the one picture of his face.
Can't resist those airplane ears.
Hehe she didn't know I took this one.
Fuzzy old Rosti.
Mt. Adams
We where being like opera singers.
A somewhat normal one.

The crazy girls. I made the mistake of going across and had to get back.Wouldn't have otherwise.
Part of the stream.
Roasting marshmallows.
Kaia busy digging the hole for the fire.


  1. Nice perspective on picture of Rosti. Look at me get all that exercise!

  2. I finally remembered to look! Better do plenty of updates;)

  3. Oh hi Kailey! Good job on the blog. I am really excited about it. Love moldy.

  4. Cool pic of you all! what's wrong with Rosti's face(the patches). I like you youtube videos-cool! :)

  5. i don't see why we're so crazy:)shianne