Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I am still figuring this thing out and my pictures uploaded in the wrong order. Today we went to the beach. On the way down we stopped at Pizza Hut. We occupied ourselves by counting potatoes, carrots and beets, looking for punch buggies, and playing all kinds of games that you play on long trips. The boys HAD to go swimming and click here look what their swimming is! The video isn't too great but.... We went through Astoria on the way home. I really liked the four mile bridge. And of course we stopped in Cascade Locks for ice cream on the way home.


Here is a punch buggy in case somebody didn't know what it was.
From the top of the four mile bridge.
Another from the top.
Before we went it.
Me, Marcy and Shianne. I meant to crop it but forgot.
The gray whale.

No matter how cold, we always have to go in the water.

P.S. A potatoe is a headlight that doesn't work, a carrot is an... Oh I don't know what they are called. An orange light that is out. And a beet is a tail light that is out.


  1. parking light maybe? or turn signal? :P I was going to say maybe you should explain that one! That ice cream looks deelish!

  2. ALWAYS!! HAVE to go in the water!!! Keep up the good work girl. M.

  3. I read it. ALWAYS. Stub

  4. Mmm ice cream! I'm not so sure i'd like that long bridge :) Glad you got it figured out, No matter how cold, we always have to go in the water!