Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Friday, July 7, 2017

All About Goats

I hope the title wasn't misleading-no, this post is not a tutorial or a "Goats, 101." Maybe a better way to word it would be; "A Whole Post About Goats."

So here are all our junior goats(except the May babies), in order from youngest to oldest, including bucks.

Our newest buck, Missdee's AR Serrano


Pudasjarvi Black Sand 

Below is Flicka, at six months old. These two were cast in the same mold.

Pudasjarvi Flicka's Minx

Tide Land Salient Sam 

Tempo Aquila  TTLY Spaced-out. (Li)

Treasured Sunrise MP LilJazmin

Tempo Aquila Wild Rose Sonnet

Treasured Sunrise MJ Simcoe Mt

Pudasjarvi Little Miss Molly

 Pudasjarvi Isabelle Pink

Fall breeding plans are currently underway, so stay tuned if interested in reserving a kid! Hopefully, there will be 11 does freshening next year. That is way too many goats for us, so we will be selling most of next year's kids and several milkers as well. We'd like to get down to 4 or 5 milkers. Feel free to get on the list to be notified as soon as we make our decisions as to who stays and who goes! 

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