Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Kate, My Garden, and Minx

 Kate and I have been working with the calves. The calves are learning to move off of her pressure, and she's learning all kinds of stuff. 

 I've been having trouble getting her to bite them when they try staring her down, but all I had to was back off and stay silent and let her get it done.

 I went to feed the calves yesterday morning and the gate was laying at an angle, and the calves were gone. After driving around for an hour with no luck finding them, I gave up. Around 4 in the afternoon, I decided to take a little detour from picking up Marcus from one of the fields, and told him to put his scope on a group of cows that I had seen earlier in the day when I was without binoculars. Sure enough, it was our calves. So, Dad, Carl, Lucas, Marcus, Brittany, Kate and I went to get them. Kate ended up not being to help but got some exercise anyway. 
When we got them in the driveway, they tried bolting into the east field. Dad and Carl took after them in the farm pickup, and Kate went to head them off too. I should have stopped her, but it happened so fast that all I could do was watch in dismay. She came up on the left outside of the calves and farm pickup, cutting so close in front of the pickup that neither Dad nor Carl even knew she'd done it when we asked them about it later. She must have missed being run over by mere inches. When scary things happen, some people say that their heart stopped beating. With me, I think that it was so scary and so fast that my heart couldn't do anything. But all's well that ends well, and I need to use my brain better next time.

Below is Minxy.

Kate, though I took this picture more for the beautiful roses.

My garden is coming up, and so are the weeds. 

This is part of one of my 7 rows of potatoes.

Radishes are doing great. 


When Kate was teeny, she liked catching the weeds that I threw out of the garden. 

She still likes it. :) 


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  1. Love Kate's attitude! Seems like she's always willing when there's work to do!