Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Around the Farm & New Babies

I really like how Marion's turning out. She's a big girl too!   

Ebony, before kidding. She looks terrible now because she won't eat her grain, so she will be sold unless she decides to start eating.

The girls in the sunrise rays.

Somebody keeps knocking over the buckets, so every time I fill them the goats are so thirsty. I know Bunny likes doing it, but I have a hunch that somebody else is helping her. We really need to get a low trough. 

Ebony had buck/doe twins on the 27th.

Eclipse, a 5 pound doeling who will be staying here for now.

 Echo, the 8 pound buckling is for sale as a pet.

Bluebelle had a single large buckling on the 28th. His name is Toby, and he is for sale as a breeding buck.


 I like the white stripe on top of the black stripe!


And then Bunny had buck/doe twins on the 29th! We had kids three days in a row, around 4 in the afternoon each day.

Hassie, the doeling who is for sale.

 Michael Finnegan, the buckling who is for sale.

They are so cute!

I have at least two broody duck hens, and one broody chicken hen. I gave eggs to one of the ducks but the other is trying to nest in a bad place so she's just going to have to get over it. I'm gonna try to move the chicken and give her some duck eggs to hatch. 

I weed-whacked the duck pen because I could hardly see anything anymore.


...and after. 


  1. Are those five kids all black and white, or does the sunshine just make it look that way?

    1. Echo is the only black and white one. All the others are brown to very dark brown with some black.

  2. Everyone needs to hear about the raven stealing the eggs and the great goat escape:)