Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Roping and Branding

I recently found out that I can view any picture that I've ever uploaded to this blog, even if I later deleted them. As I was browsing through the photos, I came across these gems that, for some reason, never got put into a blog post. This was back in 2012? when Aaron and Chad had just gotten some lasso, and were all fired up about roping. 
In the following photos, Chad is attempting to rope the younger siblings as they ride past on their bikes. Enjoy! 
Oh, and I'm quite I have some videos on YouTube of this too, so let me see if I can dig them up. 

Chad, attempting to get Rosti, I think. I also think he failed, LOL.

Chad's brand-S for Sog-his nickname, constructed out of a landscape flag. 

 Heating the "iron." 

Eyeing his next subject...

 ..and he got him! You can see the prisoner attempting to remove the rope, and as we go on, it will become evident that he did, indeed, get the rope removed.

Another one caught...

...and another missed! I'm quite sure that only expert chicken hands would be able to rope a chicken. 

 Oh, and he caught that wayward calf again! And good this time!

Hog-tying him while his assistant wields the branding iron.

I'm not sure what's going on here. It appears that he is in the middle of being branded, but I'm not sure. 

Aaron wasn't over that night for the spectacle, but here he is attempting to rope another brother some days later.

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