Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Friday, November 4, 2016

Some Lab Results

I plan on breeding Kate in the future, and to ensure the health of the future pups, I'm getting Kate tested for genetic problems that are prevalent in the Border Collie breed. The first one is Collie Eye Anomaly, or CEA. I'm not sure on all the details, but basically it makes the dog go blind. Kate has passed that test with flying colors-she is neither affected, or a carrier. The other one I need to do, is hip x-rays for hip dysplasia, but I can't do that until she's almost two years old.  

We sent in blood for three of our does. (See the results below.)  

 We also sent in blood work for CAE on three of our kids. Phoebe and Isabelle were fed CAE+ milk, and Zoe was not. Again, see the results below. Though I'd never wish a disease like this on an animal, I'm glad it was Phoebe(a cross breed that we didn't plan on keeping), and not Isabelle. Isabelle is Emmy's kid that Mom wanted to keep, thought she wasn't going to able to keep, but now can!

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