Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Monday, July 4, 2016

Some Of This Year's Kids

Mom and I got pictures of a lot of the kids today, because we are going to list them. I'll just make it clearly known that they were fed milk from CAE+ goats, and see if anyone wants them. They've got great genetics, so maybe somebody would just like to manage it, I don't know.

First off is Isabelle, Emmy's doeling, who is very high energy with a touch of Emmy's contrary attitude.  She's for sale.

Zebedee, Isabelle's brother, who is a very sweet big boy. If somebody wants him, he'll make a great herd sire. He's for sale.

Pheobe, Rose's doeling. She's friendly little girl, who can be a bit mischievous at times. She's for sale.

Bruse is another Rose kid, who is (obviously) very pretty. He is a very calm and nice boy as well. He's for sale.

Zoe, Lily's daughter, who is the wildest kid we have, and very high strung, but can be nice and allow a person to pet her in her own time. We're gonna let her grow a little while longer and see how she looks before deciding whether or not to sell her. 

Bluebelle, Lulubelle's daughter, who is not the tamest kid, but not wild either. More standoffish and aloof. She's a very, very calm kid and, though not enjoying it, just resigned herself to having these pictures taken, unlike all the other kids. This phenomenon can be explained in three words-she's Desi's granddaughter. Mom's keeping her.

Elia, the last of Rose's triplets, is still a buck and makes it known. He's gets thundered when I'm feeding my babies and he tries being nasty. I don't have much else to say because I'm still mad at him. 

Stephen, (pronounced Steffen) is Flicka's buckling. I really haven't spent much time with Flicka's kids, other than feeding, so all I know for now is that they are big bottle babies. He is sold-I have the deposit but I will raise him until weaning. 

Molly, the only one I didn't get a "set up" picture of, is Stephen's sister. As I said, I haven't observed very much about their personalities, but she looks like a little girl, all through. I'm keeping her, and hoping that she will take Flicka's place in my emotions. 

Look at that dainty, little face!

P.S. I didn't get the vlog up this week, and probably won't either. I'm leaving to go to SD and MI tomorrow, and will probably not have time to do it first. 


  1. Kailey, Do you have any does or doelings for sale that tested CAE negative?

    1. Aliyah,

      No, I don't. We sold all but the two dueling we're keeping.