Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Friday, July 15, 2016

Farm Update and New Adventure

Mom and I went "hifties" and bought this little doe kid. We had actually purchased her before we found out that we had CAE, so it turned out nice because we can't keep Isabelle as Mom planned. 
Her name is Simcoe. 

Kate's ears are started to stand up and look different every day.

Though horribly out of focus, I love this picture as it shows the carefree, crazy nature of Kate, and Sadie's opinion of "the nasty puppy," with her lips wrinkled and her ears back. 

I was so taken by Valerie's rabbits, and the rabbit I ate for lunch, that I decided to start my own herd. Yesterday, I picked up seven rabbits. Three does and a buck came from one farm, and the three younger does came from another. I used a tree theme to name them. 


The buck is Douglas. 


Blue Spruce

Her sister, Willow, is Brittany's rabbit. 



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  1. My rabbit's name is actually Tulip.