Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Friday, April 1, 2016

Rosie's Kids

Rose had triplets at three this morning.  This will be the third set of triplets in which all the kids have survived, out of six sets. I really like the patterns that these kids ended up with. Finally, something other than Chamoisee! Also, it appears that Andy throws small kids-Lu's were only five pounds, and I believe Mirah had 6 pounders last year by Andy. Usually, the average is 7.5-8 pounds. 

The kid below is a 8 pound buckling that doesn't have a name yet. He is a Cou Blanc-where he's white in the front and dark in the back. 
Five and a half pound doeling named Phoebe. She's a broken Chamoisee.

Five pound buckling named Elia-another Cou Blanc.

All three and momma Rosie.

Our tulip tree is blooming! Several other flowers are as well, and I can hardly wait until the Balsamroot,  Lupine, and Lilacs bloom.

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  1. You might mention Elia is a Finnish name. And you say it E-lee-ah:)