Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Monday, December 28, 2015

In December....

 Sorry, I got so far behind in updating. I'll try to do better. 
Below is Bonny. I took several animal-and-bow-tie pictures this year, and sent them as cards to Krista. I guess she posted her address on Facepage, begging for Christmas cards. The animals took her up on that offer. 

One day I took my camera with me on our walk and got several pictures of the dogs.  
I went to the Centerville School Christmas program. The little kids' play was kind of cute, but the older kids' was worthless. Basically, they depicted Santa as God throughout the whole thing. 

 Then, we had our Christmas get-together and I did get a few pictures. 
Aaron, Kent, Aubrey, Kipton? Shiloh, Carl, and Mariya. 

 Justin, Jennifer, little bit of Charlie, Landyn, Eric, Jaxon, Krista, Mom, Brittany, Brandie, Kent, Aaron, Zane, Lyssa, and Kaia, who is getting a picture from the same perspective as I am. 
Krista joined us via Skype. (Don't mind her expression, it was getting late in SD. :p )

All the nephews are nieces got Land's End pajamas from Mom.  
Zane, Landyn, Reagen, Jaxon, Riya, Aubrey, Charlie, Kolby, Kippy, Mason, Shiloh and Hayden. 

 Dora is due February 6th. Only a little over a month left! I've felt kids two or three times already too. 
She really doesn't have a very big belly, so I'm gonna say twins. 

Oh, and something else exciting-the dam of the buck the Dora is bred to recently got an LA score of 95EEEE! Probably none of you know what that means, so lets just say that that is the highest score any Alpine has ever achieved. The record before that was a 94EEEE, held by Flicka's granddam. 


  1. Good thing those animals have face page, eh?

  2. No biggie, but the jamas are from Hanna Andersson, sweetie:)