Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Farm Photos

In the last two weeks, the boys and Dad have been busy digging this pond. I thought Dad was crazy when he said the spring was going to keep it full but it will not only keep it full, but may fill it up. It is already three to three and a half feet deep.  
The dogs think it's just grand-their own swimming hole!
 Bonny and Duke before swimming. 
 Bonny putting her Border Collie genes to work with a stare at the approaching Duke.
 Afterward, we played a little Frisbee. 

One of our chickens hatched 11 chicks about a month and a half ago. Nine came out of the nest alive.  Last week, we let them out of the pen for the first time. Three disappeared in three consecutive days. The remaining six were put back in the little pen. 
(Oreo has been sitting by the chicken house door the last couple of days.)


 Again, Lily.
Flicka. We thought she was gonna turn out to be a chocolate color but after her "baby fuzz" shed, she is a sleek black! Wahoo!

Andy, in all of his smelly glory.  

Brittany got a new kitten named Dove.

Oreo the suspicioned chick robber. 


  1. Don't know if I've ever seen Bonny in that pose. Dukes legs are weird in that one picture. Cool pic of the chick robber.

  2. Haha, fancy footwork there, Duke!

  3. Did you chop andys beard?! Haven't looked at this for ages- lots of new posts!

    1. Yes I did. Otherwise it gets in his water bucket and obviously makes the water really nasty.