Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

May and June

The highlight of May, was going to the beach. We stayed at the campground where Kaia works in Pacific City. I took about 5 pictures-and they weren't even at the beach, but at Alyssa's house.
Her pretty Rhododendron. 

There were so many Rhodies down on the coast, with most in full bloom, that I was amazed! They are so beautiful.

In June, we went to South Dakota. Again, I took very few pictures.
A white peacock at the Bramble Park Zoo.

Then Mom, Krista and I went to the McCrory Gardens in Brookings on our way to a horse performance.
 A pretty arbor.

 A cute little cottage for Kaia.

 Roses (I think)
 More Roses
 A waterfall

 Oriental Poppies

 Another Rose

 A Wisteria covered tunnel that was quite cool inside.

About halfway down, on either side, are a little arbor and a couple benches. 
 The annuals along the walkway.

The horse performance began with them bringing out the flags and hanging them up. These are the only pictures I took as it was dark. The rest (of what I got) is in video format. Those are currently uploading and I will post them when they are ready. 

The last cow of the year calved when we were gone. It is a bull. 
Meyla is due to foal on July 13th. She's looking pretty close! 


  1. Like all the pics! Waiting for meyla's baby post now😊

  2. The little cottage with a white picket fence....adorbs!