Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

ADGA National Show

 Mom, Brittany and I went down to Redmond to attend the ADGA National Show. It was very exciting for me anyway, and I was overall, glad that I went. All we stayed to watch being judged were the Alpines, and here are a few select pictures. 

Below is Flicka's dam Tempo Aquila Jing, and to the left is Jing's twin sister Shen. They got 12th and 11th places respectively. Their bloodline takes quite awhile to mature and they are only first fresheners, so I'm not horribly disappointed. 
Below is Tempo Aquila Free Hand, dam of Tempo Aquila Handyman. Handyman is both Flicka and Emmy's sire. She got second place in her 

 And my three favorite herds of all in order of how they placed in the "Dairy Herd" class. Tempo Aquila, first, Redwood Hills, second, and Olentangy, third. See Kaia, I'm not "just biased"-they really are the best. 

 The first and second place winners of each class into the ring for selection of Grand and Reserve Champions.

 And Tempo got it with Tempo Aquila Living Free. Redwood Hills Lance ZooLoo is Reserve. The Junior Grand Champion in the back, is as I understand, an Olentangy kid. I don't know her name though. 
I got tons more pictures, but they are mainly for my own records and would probably bore you all.

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