Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Friday, April 24, 2015

Babies and Flowers

 Hello readers! It's been a little while, eh? Well I finally have enough news to report about as well as pictures to go with it!
Theda kidded on Palm Sunday with a ten pound buck kid. We named him Fred. He became ill at only a few days old and when he was almost two weeks old, we made the decision to euthanize him. We (I. Don't know about Mom) suspect it was e coli but that wasn't confirmed. 
I did get a picture of him on day two. 
On that day, we sold seven goats to a dairy in Idaho. Theda, Mirah, Fern, Bonnie, Elizabeth, Elsie, and Ginger.

Mueslie and Violet are due in five days! The picture below somewhat illustrates the size difference of the two-our biggest and smallest does.


 We have three calves! One heifer and two bulls. 

White Face's calf is the first I remember of this color.

I got a new mount! Aaron has been procrastinating about bringing Cody over for me to keep in shape for at least two years now. I think the only reason he finally did, is that his new pony, Chet, sprained his ankle. What I understand is that Chet is, essentially, on bed rest for a mouth and can't have other horses around who might excite him and cause him to run.
Anyway, now I have Cody. He was being too friendly and I couldn't get a body picture so settled for this one.
We have twelve new chicks as well as two ducks, two geese, and two turkeys.

 I attempted to get a nice picture of the dogs but Bonny is a big baby about bright sun so I ended up with a lot of pictures that looked like this. 

Jack, being a single, is a big, fat monster. See that lump on his throat? That is a big pocket of fat typical of a single kid getting all of Momma's milk.
Flicka sunbathing next to the fence. She is getting more brown all the time!

We finally have a goat pasture! With the help of my family, (mainly Luke) we put up a fence between the Lilac hedge and the road.

Oh, how I love flowers! I don't know what the below ones are. Weeping cherry or Apple perhaps? Is that even a plant?!?

Cherry in telephone island.



  1. Pretty pics! That calf is a really cute colour! Also how did you not tell me you sold that many goats?! Esp Theda.

  2. Love these. You'll have to let me know when you post so I can look😀