Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Beach Trip

Okay this post is kind of long and you may get bored but oh well. :) 
We went to Cape Kiwanda last weekend. We being Dad, Mom, Luke, Marky, Brittany, Krista, Kaia, Aaron, Chad, Jeff, Justin and Jennifer, Carl and Alyssa and children and me.
They were having a surfboard competition so there were TONS of people. (I later found out that Autumn's friend was competing there too.) 
From partway up the sandhill looking down.

Boys coming to try their skills at sandboarding.
View from the top of the sand hill. 
Back behind in a picturesque spot that I did not take advantage of. 

Marky was the first to go down....... 

.....and left us with lots of giggles from his spectacular, though unplanned, moves. 

Doing some sort of trick.

And laying prostrate after crashing one too many times. 

Dad, Kaia, Marky, and I went and watched the sunset that evening.

Someone was getting wedding pictures taken out by the saddle

And out back where waves were breaking upon the rocks. I really wanted to go back the next day when the lighting was better, but it ended up being cloudy and acting to rain.

A short, low quality video of the waves. 

The bedroom Brittany and I shared. 
Playing the Construction Game....
And Foosball.....

 Some back-stretcher chair they had.

It was a big house-it had three floors. On the middle floor with a choice to go up or down......
Dad, Kaia and I went hiking on the Drift Creek Falls trail. It was a wonderful hike.
The suspension bridge.

Looking down.
A waterfall.

A little chipmunk waaaaay down there. 
Justin and Chad having a fight to see if  Chad had to go play the Construction Game with Justin.

The frothy goat toy en-route to the beach. 

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