Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Goats

Chloe and Amirah were fighting.  Not just a little tussle or "I'm-not-talking-to-you" type of fight, but very heated, head-butting war that lasted for over 20 minutes.

Little Miss Do Good Sari, was the first to see me and came running to tell me what was going on. "Kailey! They are fighting! Chloe and Mirah are fighting! They are breaking the peaceful silence! They are causing disruptions! They are-" 
At this point, I told her to be quiet.
"But they-Theda-"
  I went over to assess the situation myself. What I find besides the fighters, is that Theda is acting as the score keeping. Hmmmm. Maybe this wasn't an actual fight after all-just a fighting match.

 "Oh hi Kailey. I was- ah, um nevermind."

 She came over and tried defending her actions. "You see it was like this........" I don't remember what al she said but I do remember they were the lamest excuses I have ever heard.

"Nevermind, it is okay as long as you don't start it again," I said.
"I won't," she mumbled reluctantly.
Meanwhile, the two fighters were still going strong.  

 Ever peaceful Desi tried to put and end to it by head-butting Chloe. You can see her efforts in the next couple of pictures and it is also plain that it didn't work.

  Face off!
 She continued to try as is evidenced in the below photo.
 I looked around for someone who could tell me why they were fighting and I found Grace huddled next to me. Here she tried to lean out of the picture. A sign of guilt perhaps.

The battlers came very near.......

 Sounds of heavy artillery were heard in the streets. (AKA heads banging together very hard.)

 Grunts of pain and exertion were also heard.
 "Grace you had better tell me before an innocent civilian gets hurt!" I told her.
 "Aww do I have to?" she grumbled and lowered her head.
 "Yes, you do," I told her.
"Okay, here is what happened. You know how Chloe is always so bossy don't you? Anyway, while she was getting a drink today, I head-butted just as HARD as I could. She turned around and saw Amirah standing there so she thought it was her. Amirah has been waiting a long time to have an excuse to fight her, so she didn't even point out that it was me and not herself."
"Thank you Grace. I know she deserved it and if Amirah wants to fight then so be it."

 I made a toy to see if they would fight up there. I figured it would be pretty funny if they fell off. Desi instantly claimed it.
Mirah jumped up soon afterwards.  

 Chloe came up to me. "I think she gave up," she said.
"Watch it Chloe, here she comes!"
 They just did more boring fighting so I cruised back over to the toy. Grace was on it-she had finished a speech about how the water needs to be changed and no more ACV should be put in it. Here she is bowing to her very agreeable audience. "Sari, I don't think it was very kind of you to stick your big ears in all these photos of Grace's victory......... Wait. I'm sorry Sari. I forgot you can't help it with them being so big........"
Grace circles so as to get the whole audience. Sari's big ear again.
"Sari, leave already!!!!" I finally yell in frustration!
 "You don't like me! Waaa! You hurt my feelings!"

Finally a couple ear-free pictures or Grace's wonderful bow....... 

Grace them gets shoved off her podium by Amirah who tries to enact the I'm-higher-I'm-bigger-and-better to Chloe. Chloe forgets that Sari's ears are NOT actually tortillas to snack on while she waits for Amirah to come down.

That head-butt left a burn-out mark. (See evidence below.)

Triumphent  Chloe!

Sultan says, "Please pet me. Please, please, PLEASE! If I smile will you?"
"No I won't Sultan, you stink too bad. You stink worse than all the animals on the farm put together and doubled. Beside, you are always trying that smile. Think of something new"


  1. That shore is real decent when you write these kind of stories. I really enjoy it. -stuffy

  2. Brittany Rhoades approves your story and wishes you would write more.Brittany

  3. Sound like you got the gift of goat whispering and translating- Woo! Moldy

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