Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

LadderGolf, Lightening, Threshing Bee, and the Beach

A couple weeks ago Mom got this game called Ladder Golf. Years
ago my dear sister Alyssa got me one for my birthday although back then I think it was called Chux Golf. After we got tired of playing it, we made hurdles out of it and jumped them. (Hmmm. Now that I'm getting started in agility with Duke.... Hmmmm) Then we made it into guns and had wars. Then we threw it away. I have no clue WHY we threw it away but that's what we did. Anyway, so now we have a new game going under the alias of Ladder Golf. I think I landed 5 shots when I played. UGH! It was the bad weather that caused it-we had a thunderstorm that night. :)

They are kind of flimsy.......

Someone missed to the great amusement of Luke.

Nice catch, Carl!

At the beginning of the game, we were having a discussion on looking smug-I don't remember what all was said but anyway, Carl said I could get a picture of his smug face if I had mind to and accidentally I did.

During supper, it started storming. I decided to start taking pictures when it was almost over so I didn't get very many or very good.

The next day we went to the Dufer threshing bee. The boys wanted me to take a picture of this first-gen fire truck for Jeff.
This looked like fun.

Then Dad decided Shiloh needed a ride. I was gonna go too but the driver didn't want us-we should have gone and borrowed Shiloh claiming that she needed another ride.
Then there was some old-fashioned plowing.
On the way to the beach there is this frothy goat toy. I'd like this myself someday.

The only picture I got down at the beach. The beach was fun-we also went deep sea fishing.
Below are videos of Duke's newest trick and the lightning from Friday.


  1. Cool lightning video and what IS Duke doing?
    I think we need some updated photos of Duke:)

  2. Ha, what a camera hog White Bro is! The fire truck is kinda cute.