Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Goat Kids! And More

 Here are the three alpine bucks. Two on the right are sold. 
After losing #29's calf to tetanus on Saturday, it was nice that we got a heifer calf on Monday.

I taught Riika to climb the ladder. Well rather her ball taught her. I just put it up there and she HAD to get it down. The next step will be to get her to slide down instead of jumping down. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUGtmxhhhvw

Then I got some pictures of the kids playing-the best part of raising goats.
D1 jumped right off my screen while Theda and D2 stuck their noses in.  
                                          Frank on the mounting block.
                            D3, Joe, D1, and D2 playing on and around the rock.
                                 It looks like all five are in this picture.
                                               Nice form Frank!
                                                Smile for the camera.
                                                     Yikes! A cat!

                                                 D3 and D2

                                    D1, D2, Joe, and Frank

                                              Nice form again Frank!
                                                 You too D1!
                                              And again Frank!

                                                   All five once more.
                                           Lippazzan goat!

                                                        D3 and D1

Joe, Frank and D1 who seems to be another Lippazzaner.

                                                 Joe wiping out.
                                           Frank now modeling as a cutting horse.

                                               Same picture zoomed out.


  1. Haha, they're so fun! Altheda looks ready to pop--hopefully 3 girls! ;)

  2. Maybe you want to do a post on Danny and Whitey? And poor 'Theda's belly pics:) And Little Guy is the wether. Mom