Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Goats on Lazy Summer Days

Today was one of those lazy summer days that come in the winter. All of the animals are playful, and sometimes, get a little strange. So today, Desi was trying to give a speech in the town square. I don't remember what is was about. I think it was something about how royal goats like they shouldn't have to have twine on their fences.
She starts her speech but stops to address the hen behind her, Bird#2 by name. "Hey, you can come and listen too. Isn't there twine holding your feeder up?"
"Anyway, as I was saying........." She drones on and on. 

 Nobody's listening. Petteri is visiting his friends at the local jail.
While Daisy disposes of imaginary cats by crushing them with her head. 
(One of her secret goals in life.) 

                                     Vilijami, who thinks he always has to copy Daisy, tries it too.
"Are you gonna share that with me?" asks Princess Sari seeing Petteri eating a weed which he bought on the way back from the jail.  
                                      "Why shore," replies gallant Sir Petteri.

 The chickens resume roaming around looking for bugs and the such like.
                         Cami steps out the door wondering aloud who ate all her hidden food. (It was later determined that Kailey had found it and taken it as Cami was once again breaking her diet.)                      "Eating a lot sure hasn't helped your ears," snickers Daisy.
 Desi, finally realizing that nobody cares about twine on fences and feeders, sighs and goes to take a nap. "I don't know why I ever waste my time on the lot of you," she says snottily. "I'm the only royal one here anyway."

                                                 The disowned speaker.

 "She's lucky we ran out of tomatoes, eggs, and shoes on her last week," Theda remarks to Cami.
P.S. I need name suggestion for 5 chicks and an unnumbered amount of goats.


  1. Lol- once again a good story Kailey!

  2. Your "voice" sounds just like your voice. Sometimes a little strange, perhaps, but entertaining. ;)
    OOoooo, I have a really good idea! Wouldn't it be fun to do "theme" names with the chicks and goats?! Like if you have twins boys, they could be Mike and Ike and the rest could all have candy names? Or family game names (Yahtzee, Bingo, etc.)? Or even cereals (Trix, Cheerio)? Or maybe even royal names (Albert, Harry, Di). That would be soooo fun!

  3. Boy, I really enjoyed this one Annie-Kay! Stubby

  4. haha love your stories! or candy..kit kat, Mamba, snickers(hehe), twix, Payday, goobers, nerds, rolo, tootsie