Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Catching Up

I wanted to post all of the pictures (or at least most) that I got over the time that I haven't posted, but I had uploaded a lot of them to PB and it takes for ever to get the off of there and onto here. So I only put a fraction of them on and I don't have any snow pictures. 
First off, here are some videos that I finally got uploaded.

A great sunrise the other morning. This picture doesn't do it justice at all. 

And a brilliant sunset from awhile back. I used a different setting for every picture. Look at all the pictures and imagine it somewhere in between and that's what it looked like.

                                        This is how I find the cats every cold day. As soon as they see you, the               kennel erupts with motorboat roars. 
                                This is No Man's land during the time of Operation Mouse Raid. The army with dogs, rifles, and all other sorts of weapons, caught 15 mice in 28 hours.

                                                   These are all of our pregnant does. Dasiy and Desi, the two in the middle, and due March 16th. Theda and Cami are due April 14th.
                           And we got the cows back on 1-5-13. We now have 5 cows and a heifer due to calve in the summer.

And I have LOTS of frozen fog pictures. I didn't feel like going through them. I will allow you to caption them yourselves as there as so many.

A few skating pictures.

                                       And the owl that I had a video of.

A meadow lark.
The first thing I have ever made without any help except for Kaia's taking it out of the oven.
                                Then I was just messing with more settings on my camera and these are what I got.

                          Plus another owl that flew into the big barn.


  1. Well if no else is going to comment I will , thanks for updating nice pics didn't see anything on the 1st video only a little whoo whoo. Dad

  2. Pretty frozen fog. And LOOOOOK at that frothy bread that everyone wanted you to start making daily!!