Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Bridge

It all began because of Sari. Have you ever watched a goat or cow or deer-or whatever chews its cud- chew its cud? They get this faraway look in their eye. Like they are thinking very deeply. The truth is, they ARE thinking. So Sari was chewing her cud and thinking when she had this thought. She thought,"You know, it's kind of boring in here. I think we need a better toy." She thinks on that for awhile, then sets her jaw in a firm line, and wakes up Cami who is sleeping beside her. She tells her what she thinks and the two go to inspect the trough. 
  "Hmmmm," Cami says,"You're right it could be upgraded. Yeah Tullia, Petteri, what do you think?"
 "Yep" they agree, nodding their heads vigorously,"We need something better."
  "Okay" say Cami, Tullia, and Sari, "You're the man who has to ask Kailey."
 "Awwwwww do I have to?" complains Petteri. "You sure do." they say.

 "Okay fine. Kaaaaaaaaily!!" Kailey, who had been watching the whole thing, took years to figure out what those goats were hollering about.
                       Vilijami and Petteri even had to go show her how they don't really fit on the mounting block anymore and how they needed a better toy.
 When she finally understood, she put a board like the below photo shows. "Thank you!!" they all hollered, and jumped on.

 Even Cami and Sari were playing!! Until today, they didn't even know what the word "play" meant. They probably only did because it was their idea and they gloated about it all day. Later Theda finally goat tired of their gloating and head-butted them across the pen. They got the hint and shut their mouths.

 Cami was also gloating about how she could keep three goats at bay all by herself.
 That didn't last for long-the bridge broke and all the goats scattered except for Cami who was more or less stuck in the rubble.
 "Red alert!! she yells,"The bridge is broken!!"
 Desi, Tullia, and Petteri comes back to investigate the problem as Cami runs away from the scene.
 "Oh well" say Petteri and Vilijami," This is a good toy too."
 Kailey fixes it, but alas, 1 minute later it is broken again.
 Once more Kailey fixes it. Petteri, from Sultanson Bros Investigation Service, comes to see what happened and if it is safe to go on anymore.
 Vilijami, from the same service, comes to help.
 "Hmmmm I have no idea how it happened." they say. "Think it's safe to go on?" someone asks.
 "Only one way to find out," explains the bros, "we'll go on it."
  "It holds my weight." yells Vilijami, beginning to jump on it.
 Oops it broke again!
 Petteri does a thorough examination. "Nothing wrong on top." he mutters.
    "Nothing down here either." he mutters again.
 "Aha! Underneath!" he exclaims triumphantly.
 "Hmmmm maybe not as easy as I thought. I can't find anything wrong." he calls to the others.
 Vilijami hops onto the board. "It's holding this time." he yells.
 "Hmmmmm" says Petteri again. "I can't find anything wrong. This is a head-scratcher for sure."
 They jump on it, fight on it, and it doesn't fall.

 On last report.......Hey what's that noise? Never mind it just fell again. Hmmmm indeed.

And just something to say, 4 of our 6 does are sporting shaved necks. I drew blood and sent it in to the lab for testing. They are getting tested for CAE and CL -two things you never want your goats to have.


  1. I really enjoy that story. Stuffy

  2. Ooooooh, Kailey! hahahahaha!

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  4. Your funny! Ernie

  5. That's decent Kailey- real decent. Keep up the good writings. Moldy

  6. nice one do it again.brit

  7. Where did you come from? Really like the story keep them coming. Dad

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    1. Very entertaining...Typical goatness!

  9. hahaha you had me giggling over here! (k, not out loud but on the inside) :)

  10. Wonderful story and stunning pictures - I could see this as a childrens picture book! :D