Duke and Meyla

Duke and Meyla

Saturday, June 23, 2012

An Overdue Post

Not much has gone on here. I was hoping Eric would update, but since he won't I guess I will. He got a new horse about a month ago. His registered name is King Bar Spike. Quite a mouthful if you ask me. We just call him Spike. 

                              The day we went and saw him, I got to ride Cody. It was fun even if it was only for about 15 minutes.
 A couple barn swallows are building a nest in the barn 
     Every year the starlings raise chicks under the shingle thingy. Every year a cat goes up and digs them out. Waiting for a chance.
                                                                 Locating the prey.
She dug in the nest quite a few times, but didn't get anything. Better luck next time Addie!
                                    The chicks are getting big now. They got to go outside for the first time today.
                             Usually they don't want to go out but this time the went out and had a grand time.

                                   Sadie's getting up in years now. She'll be nine in November.
                                                    I taught Daisy to do a trick.
And last but not least, Theda is due to kid the beginning of July. I'd say at least twins maybe more. Mom says a least triplets maybe more. She is huge I can say that much.

I'll try to update more often from now on.


  1. Thanks for helping me out. You do wonderful blog posts. M

  2. Nice pictures, Kailey! The ones of Addie are kinda humorous-I've never seen the cats do that.